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Woven Wire Partitions

  WOVEN WIRE PARTITIONS have been preferred by Architects and Contractors for nearly 50 years. Now we brings their reputation for quality to the anufacturing of standard size Wire Panels and stock components.Standard size panels and doors make designing and installing partitions simple, and their potential application unlimited... to create stock or storage rooms, for hazardous or delicate machinery enclosures, or for and purpose requiring structural ecurity and where access control and visibility is desired.

Woven Wire Partitions are especially suited for today's energy concerns, since they require no change in existing heating/cooling or lighting systems.

The true economy of Woven Wire is its simplicity of design. All panels bolt togethere easily. Hardware and a capping channel is included with each order. When necessary, the panels may be disassembled and reused in another area or for another purpose.


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